Namaskaram !!

Sense of belonging is heightened when one reminiscences roots of origins. There are many who move away from their land, for reasons best known to one’s own self. Their desire to stay connected…even though far away is visible in actions core to the world left behind - back home. Migrant Mallu is an attempt to recreate that essence of a home-away-from-home.

Welcome to Migrant Mallu – your homeland is much closer than you thought.

When a distant place embraces and takes you in its fold, way of life does not become strange or difficult any more. You begin to find patterns and strands of your homeland, which keep you going. You create pockets that bring out nostalgic experiences.

At Migrant Mallu, we will give you more than one reason to believe so.

Come discover and reconnect with the flavours, taste, culture, people and all that your hometown has to offer in this very migrant land.