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Trouble with rude auto drivers in the city Posted By Nithin on 25-09-2012 02:57:25 pm
Trouble with rude auto drivers in the city
I had this bad experience with an auto driver last week. It has put me off from taking an auto again. Do u face constant torture from rude and ill-mannered auto drivers in the city?
Replied By 11 on 26-09-2012 02:06:11 am
Compared to auto drivers in chennai, Bangalore fellas are angelic
Replied By 16 on 08-10-2012 03:07:12 am
If u happen to be somewhere near com.street and need to get back home....then then don't expect to pay meter charges...its always the double even during daytime.....
Replied By iooqysr on 31-01-2013 01:35:30 am
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