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Do you believe in ghosts? Posted By admin on 29-10-2012 09:09:28 pm
Do you believe in ghosts?
Replied By Salim on 30-10-2012 02:50:15 am
I do
Replied By Ashwin Kumar s on 30-10-2012 04:54:21 am
I dont know if they are real or not. Some of the things that happen like noises or voices, makes me wonder if someone really is in one those places playing tricks on them. Its so dark in there and the places are so big anyone can hind anywhere. All these places they go to are big, and security and owners of these places know they are coming. So why not have some friends hide and make noises and voices to scare them. Just to get publicity. And who knows what kind of extra work they do on their footage to incorporate voices on there after they have recorded. But then again i do believe they are real cause of the ghoslty things i've encountered. So its all what you believe.
Replied By Prakash on 30-10-2012 05:20:39 am
No , never....prove it!!
Replied By Sandhya on 30-10-2012 05:37:31 am
No...i dont
Replied By Ashwin Kumar s on 30-10-2012 05:47:38 am
Scientists can't prove that ghosts exist because science is based on repetitive testing. You have to be able to be able to achieve a result that can be reproduced over and over again in a controlled environment in order for something to be scientifically proved. Since the reports of paranormal activity are random and haunted places cannot be made into controlled environments there will never be proof of the existence of ghosts.
Replied By on 30-10-2012 05:57:44 am
If something cant be proved scientifically then it doesn't exist,period...Otherwise it goes into the realm of faith as in god...Then its a different debate altogether
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